Lame game, brah

Some more poetry prose inspired by some recent bouts with the spiritual realm. I’ll get to more of my history with that, eventually, but right now just gonna put this up.

Everyone’s nuts! Welcome to the world. How much worse it gets when we think we’re the only one. Lame game, brah. Get a life cause you suck. Leave now. All you do is get off on drowning us down. Bunch of nothing about anything. I got some times to have. My spirits too strong for you to keep me down. You lost dude. You’re done. You have nothing to stand on. No more holds. Go to hell where you belong. In the name of the One who is Love. ..Angels are so much more to believe in. safety. security. Good Authority. Good hierarchy. I want some more of that please.

I’m feelin’ this, Re-beginning by losing

Here’s some poetry prose inspired by Richard Rohr’s new podcast “Another Name for Every Thing” melded with my recent experiences of walking through forgiving past resentments and also a blink-182 song featured below.

Learning by losing. letting confusing teach you are not me to expand to We are humans being and have all that we need. no need to take what were gifts at the beginning. Identity formed in the face of another (Rohr) ..fourscore and seven years ago.. culturally oversensitized. bought the con but falling is the Way to heaven. Who are we dies to whose. Then, as I give up my right to sentence, I forgive, resentful weight lifts, i meet my end again, my vision corrects, my frame of existence shifts to that I am and I re-begin. ..I’m feelin’ this..


No real intro needed for these words haha.

Today is the last day of the days left behind. Not time to climb but walk through a beautiful basin instead of landmines. I think the painful days are behind for now. Let’s feel some summertime vibes while the sun’s still young. Put your heart on my tongue. Moments without a monologue. Captains log:  […] I can’t save the world. And I wasn’t meant to. I’d like to kiss a girl. Cause I was made to. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Wanna make out? Free indeed. I got no more need for misery, irony, or screens. I want to know Colorado, craft beer and cute girls with no tomorrow. How is it their skin is so gold? ..?  lol. Life is like a Donald Miller book wrapped in a Reel Big Fish song with some Jack White and Say Anything thrown in. I’m in. You?