Welcome back, me!

So, hey, wow, it’s been a while blog world (some of you are real people right? Sometimes I think I’m writing mostly to robots.) A lot has happened in my world since my last post. The biggest news to share is I was lovingly dismissed from the Counseling Masters Program I was a student in at Denver Seminary. After being unable to show consistent mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health stability they felt it was best for my own health and protection of future clients in Internship to not allow me to take any more counseling classes until I show at least 2 years of stability.

Honestly, it caught me very off-guard. I wasn’t expecting to be officially dismissed. However, at the same time, it was a huge relief and right in-line with where I felt God was leading me to do in this season of life: living, working, writing, and playing/producing music full time. Leading up to the decison in August, I had spent the whole summer doing as much self-work as possible to learn to manage time more efficiently and feel more comfortable being able to knock out assignments, when needed. Part of me felt this may be when I have to finally “get it together” and finish a degree to finally jump into the professional world. Honestly, after all the intentional self-work I did, I felt genuinely ready to continue in the program even with my intuition and spiritual sense leading me back into writing and music. I simply could not discern if the counseling degree was part of what I needed to do the ministry I feel called to, integrating music, writing, mental health, and God as a collective, or not. In the end, I feel God made my decision for me. In the meeting where a few faculty told me thw boards decision, they made sure to convey that the decision came from a place of “we like this guy, where do we think he would thrive best?” The answer was simply not the clinical mental health world.

So, within two weeks I dropped my classes, figured out my finanical aid situation, mourned the loss of the school that became my home for two years (my Hogwarts, if you will.. its funny how many times I would interact with faculty and have images of Harry Potter scenes run through my head,) and moved off campus to my mom and stepdad’s house in another part of Denver (Hi Mom, your 30-year-old son is living at home again…) 

During the process of moving, I became somewhat emotionally paralyzed. Growing up a military kid, moving means everyone in your life is now basically gone forever (again.) So, when I started simply seeing moving boxes my psyche basically shut off in a moderate trauma response (think of it like getting in a car after being in significant accident.) So, instead of packing. I decided to go watch Toy Story 4 again by myself at the Alamo Drafthouse theatre nearby, then also take a drive to see the Front Range from the highway. Its good to cry alone in theatres, sometimes, and mountains often help me gain perspective.

However, I still wasn’t able to do much packing on my own. But through the gift of a beautiful, uncommonly loving, neighbor girl, who realized about halfway through the day before I was supposed to be moved out that I had no calvary of friends coming to help move because I was too numb to think or really approach the idea that I was actually moving from the magical place called Seminary, and the apartment was still about 60 percent full, and I wasn’t really good at packing or organizing things in general, and I had no real plan on how to do so, she decided to spend the whole weekend with me while we made probably 3 or 4 trips of a full SUV and her smaller car until late into the evening. Thank you friend 🙂 Words fail… Also, thank you to my mom and Jeff (stepdad) who spent the next day helping me clean the apartment so I could get the most out of my security deposit.

So here I am. 30, living at my parents house while I make enough cash to get my own place, and after a short period of what felt a little like a existential crisis/hakuna mata vacation compared to the rigor of Seminary life, I’m back to taking things moment to moment in rythm with the Spirit as best I can. Honestly, I’m the most genuinely happy (not manic) I have been in my adult life, and I’ve already had some good stuff happen with music (played a show Wednesay, and have another tonight) and there are many stories to tell in the coming blogs. Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope you are doing well.

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Beloved son of God, musician, songwriter, audio engineer, quasi-therapist, Eagle Scout, highly emotional/spiritual sensitive bipolar ADHD person, and blogger. Influences: The Trinity, Richard Rohr, Donald Miller, Thomas Keating, Cynthia Bourgeault, C.S. Lewis, Henri Nouwen, 3rd-wave ska punk, pop punk, 90's alternative, Nahko Bear, Free the Robots, Max Bemis, Tyler Joseph, Donald Glover, Marshall Mathers, and Mike Birbiglia.

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