I got my undergrad in 6 years. I went to 3 colleges. I started at CU Boulder in the Architecture program, left after two years, went to community college Fort Collins, CO, for a year. There I decided to take a few music classes, including Music Theory, Piano, and a few classes in Music Production/Recording Arts. Prior to that I didn’t even know that was something you could study in school. I quickly got hooked and followed that interest to UC Denver where I ended up finally getting my Bachelor’s of Science in Music-Recording Arts.

While I was at CU Denver, I took a Singer/Songwriter class as an elective where we wrote songs and performed them for classmates critiques. For the last song of the semester, we were paired up with someone to do a co-write. I got paired with my now friend and lead singer of our band, Valerie Leighton. For that project, we wrote the first song on this EP, Running For Cover. 8 years later we were finally able to release it with 4 other songs we wrote and recorded together. Valerie sang all the vocal parts, and I played all the instruments and recorded/mixed the tracks. The lyrics were a joint effort.

Below is the EP on Soundcloud. We are Unbecoming.

Thanks if you take a listen.

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