Let’s go to the Ska Show, (Eden to me)

Hey! So a big part of my life growin’ up was jumpin’ and skankin’ (name for dancin’ to ska music) at ska shows with bands like Reel Big Fish (RBF). I first heard RBF when my cousin gave me their Why Do They Rock So Hard? album way back in middle school and I’ve been hooked on the catchy, fun, fast, horn-driven awesomeness since. However, when depression first hit and subsequent relentless anxiety, my ability to be free and have endless fun was robbed of me. Essentially, I had left Eden, and you could say that all my struggle since then has been to get back home to those moments where I had no fear, no real shame, no real guilt, and no real pain to get in the way of simply being me, and jumpin’ and skankin’!

I’ve found that freedom again in Jesus Christ, and 20 plus years later RBF is still releasing records and touring almost non-stop to put on ska shows. This song is off their latest release Life Sucks…Let’s Dance!   It’s called Ska Show. After a brutal year of heavy, deep, transformational growth in a Master’s Counseling program, it’s good to remember “if we don’t have have fun, then what are we livin’ for?”