Coming back alive

Hey feels like I’m coming back alive today. This seems to be what’s helping. It’s good to be seen. Sometimes that’s all I need. ¬†Wrote this a couple years ago when I really started coming back alive as well:

so rebellious against us. against me. against ourselves. the inside turns out. now im going out on a limb. I’m bursting through my own skin. snake and a venom. wait a villian. the lines aregetting crossed. like meyses the lines are blurring. I see it. on the vherizon the phones ringin. I’m picking up the phone but why, what whos on the other line? Yea we got caller ID. But i can’t see it. But my screens cracked. WHO IS IT? I WANT TO KNOW!! but it’s so much more fun not. wheres the mystery? not an adventure without the adrenaline. I’m divin in. heard that one too much Mr. Chapman. I gotta write my own story. Ill hold you to it. and here we go again. new day. new light new memories new thoughts. new feelings, which ones do we follow? who’s advice do you trust? It’s like a light with a candle and a compass and a camp, with a map. ¬†follow your heart? but its in my chest? maybe they meant to chase it when it’s beating out of it. maybe we write our own prophecies. I hope so.

Thanks for taking the time to read.