Cliffs to Bridges, Clear as the Spirit

Hi, so I wanted to post two sets of words connect through the reference of the metaphor “cliffs to bridges.” The first was written 4 to 5 years ago when I had first begun to step out in faith, and the second was written this past Sunday after my first experience with a Charismatic service. I feel it’s commonly believed that making a decision to follow Christ is a one-time decision, or “leap of faith,” that forever changes you. While I believe it may begin with that decision, there are also daily or moment-to-moment decisions to make to trust God’s prompting and step out in faith, which over time changes you as well. Sometimes, especially when first beginning one’s walk, those steps can feel like stepping out over a huge cliff without truly knowing if you’re going to be caught before hitting the rocks. I see it as taking a risk, that at first you’re hoping God will come up to meet your foot like a bridge to continue your walk with Him, and overtime with experience you’re confidence grows that He always will. Finally, I believe in those decisions you are stepping out as you truly are created to be by and with God, and to me that is what it means to be “born again” into a “new life.” It’s exciting to see in my own writings the same concepts remain true throughout the years and are something to be cling to in the uncertainties of life and when I’m feeling a need to be reignited. Hope you enjoy, and points to anyone who guesses where the reference comes from.


(written 4-5 yrs ago, 2014, 2015)

cliffs turn to bridges. don’t believe your eyes. minds create prisons. don’t believe your lies.  I wrote that too. When do I write my own life down? All the time? Your life’s not much different than mine? Maybe I stop. Hiding? Born again? I vomit. Hurled into a new life. wake up you’re on dry land. Soak up the skies. Remember it felt like a leap but it was really only a step. Remember your mind? Sometimes we believe, I forget now, there’s something more beautiful ahead. and i repeat. and i repeat. Over and over again.

(written this last Sunday, 2019)

Purified clear water Spirit of fire, light me up and crack me open, praise You loud to pour You out, shake out the shame, when I bless your name life changes. Open the flood again, the wellspring with no end. No need to feel ashamed, one sixteen. No need to feel strange, imago dei. Faith transforms cliffs to bridges, Indiana. Awake! Awake!