Cat-like Thief, StoryReBrand? ..War and Peace

John 10:10 New International Version (NIV)

10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

Curiosity killed the cat-like thief immediately succeeding allegiance with the King. Invisible armies, fantasy meets reality. Science take a back seat, YOU. CAN’T. SAVE ME. Not from the thief. Not from death decaying rotting insides, walking dead zombie, fake alive, love burning like curling irons cause evil and holy can’t coincide, claws pricking my mind, voices taunting suicide, meds mixed with grain alcohol burning my stomach lining, throat choked when I awoke, soul left me for a beat, voice so persecuting, how dare you breathe so selfishly. How you dare you want to enjoy anything. How dare you think you’re anything. how dare you strive to be alive...

Pragmatic asthmatic. psychosomatic drug addict? Holistic placebo effect? Nope. But thank God for Ritalin and modern meds. shit, elect a kid, the anthem. Lurch in my stomach tract. Colon antiseptic for the Comeback Kid. Bill Clinton. StoryRebrand? Same 7 aspects that make the frame. Can we change the frame? Or is it so engrained? And is it engrained because we keep to the same? ..Strange he talks about winning the day. The day’s not mine to win. Win it for the King and we all benefit. Fought the good fight, ran the race, Paul wrote. Business is another medium, ok. My business is lit. like an ice machine. Bullshit artistic. Love the way my mind melds but how can I keep a job to pay rent? Home Ec. Guess I’ll write transparent and see if anyone will pay for it. Hope Tokens. Who said I’m not supposed to have pride? Father of lies. Died and rotting inside but watered back to life. No longer reside in the house of unholies. Only have One homie. I know what good music is. The shit that makes me breathe again. The end.

What’s life without the war? Peace? We are created for joy, Tolstoy, Anatomy of the Soul (science come back now) Except some of us have been so shattered we don’t get the pony this side of eternity… So the King flows through us ..Dreaded rhythmic predictable consistent stability. What motivates me if not fear? Taken by the invitation. Drawn rather than driven. Caught by the winds of destiny, passengers of eternity, released from grips of scarcity, self-emptying from me to We, gifted with authority, protected from the enemy, always with me, give and receive freely, anxious for nothing, friends and strengthens mightily, teaches the truth that sets me free, gives me rest…gives me rest…gives me rest.. Today the future looks brighter than the past.

Lame game, brah

Some more poetry prose inspired by some recent bouts with the spiritual realm. I’ll get to more of my history with that, eventually, but right now just gonna put this up.

Everyone’s nuts! Welcome to the world. How much worse it gets when we think we’re the only one. Lame game, brah. Get a life cause you suck. Leave now. All you do is get off on drowning us down. Bunch of nothing about anything. I got some times to have. My spirits too strong for you to keep me down. You lost dude. You’re done. You have nothing to stand on. No more holds. Go to hell where you belong. In the name of the One who is Love. ..Angels are so much more to believe in. safety. security. Good Authority. Good hierarchy. I want some more of that please.