No real intro needed for these words haha.

Today is the last day of the days left behind. Not time to climb but walk through a beautiful basin instead of landmines. I think the painful days are behind for now. Let’s feel some summertime vibes while the sun’s still young. Put your heart on my tongue. Moments without a monologue. Captains log:  […] I can’t save the world. And I wasn’t meant to. I’d like to kiss a girl. Cause I was made to. We are fearfully and wonderfully made. Wanna make out? Free indeed. I got no more need for misery, irony, or screens. I want to know Colorado, craft beer and cute girls with no tomorrow. How is it their skin is so gold? ..?  lol. Life is like a Donald Miller book wrapped in a Reel Big Fish song with some Jack White and Say Anything thrown in. I’m in. You?